PHARMACISTS have smashed the recent VAT rate on hens because of”taxation on safe sexual”.

They’ve predicted on the Authorities to trash the extra cost within its bid to generate contraception more reachable.

The Irish Pharmacy Union analyzed its position as a portion of its own pre -Budget entry.

Committee manhood Caitriona O’Riordan clarified:”the Federal Government has a Stated aim to increase access to contraception and also to decrease the speed of unplanned pregnancy.

“There is presently a VAT rate of 13.5 percent on genders, that will be counter productive and extends against those aspirations.

“that is basically a tax on safesex, and we’re calling on the Minister for Finance to abolish that at the upcoming Budget”
Transmitted diseases and will lessen the probability of unplanned pregnancies.

“decreasing the price of condoms and enhancing ease of accessibility will Increase their usage, especially among younger adults at which cost gets got the Biggest effect.”